Move To End Hunger 2023

Move to End Hunger is a chance to make your daily exercise work for the greater good!
During the month of April, The Hunger Project’s global community is dedicating ourselves to activism and fundraising through movement. Our goal is to raise more than $25,000 towards achieving a future free from hunger. We need your partnership to achieve our audacious goal, so join our global movement!

How it works? 

  • 1. Click the Register button and create your account.
    2. Choose your primary movement activity. You’ll be able track miles moved through any activity, not just this one, and you can adjust your goals after your setup is complete.
    3. Select your registration level
    – Free – Everyone is welcome!
    – $15 – Cover the cost of your registration.
    – $30 – Pay it forward! Cover your registration and help us keep the event open to everyone!
    4. Upload a photo.
    5. Invite people to donate to your fundraiser or ask them to join you in fundraising. You can do this step later as well.
    6. Once your fundraising page is set up you can use the menu options to make edits, change your goals, invite others, join or create a team, and link a fitness device.

Setting your goals

Miles – We’ve chosen 66 miles as the default goal because almost half the global population has to travel more than 3 miles on foot to reach a healthcare facility. You can choose to move this distance each day for 22 days or change your goal to anything you’d like.
Dollars – We have an ambitious collective goal of reaching $25,000 in the month of April. Challenge yourself and when you meet your goal, you can extend it. Bigger goals lead to bigger success!
Activity Points – This event is about both moving and wellness. Use the chart below to find activities to keep you and your community strong. How many points do you think you could earn each day?

What impact will my money make?

When you become an active participant in The Hunger Project’s Move to End Hunger challenge, you are joining a global movement of pioneers who share a vision – a vision of a world of self-reliance and dignity for all. Your participation is translating that vision into reality. Moving with us throughout April, is the commitment to standing with us on a platform of principles – human dignity, equality, interconnectedness – from which to act and make a difference. Experience the joy of committing yourself, enrolling your community, and investing your resources to create a more just, equitable and prosperous life for all. The time is now! Join the MOVEment today!

Act now

The Hunger Project believes in the limitless potential of the human spirit and the power of collective voice to create a world free from hunger and poverty.   

Now is the time to accelerate our work – by amplifying voices and reimagining systems for the benefit of people and planet.  

Here at The Hunger Project, we believe that every pound you donate is an investment. You are investing in the people and communities in our programme countries who are ending their own hunger. That’s why we ask you to invest in our work rather than donate to us.   

Please invest in us today, to change lives tomorrow. 


What if I am an international donor (non-US), what are my donation charges and tax-deductibility?

All donations are made in US dollars, so the donations may be levied an exchange rate fee via your bank. Donors will want to connect with their bank to determine exactly what that fee may be. Additionally, international donors will need to reach out to a tax professional to discuss if and how tax deductibility will apply to their donation.

Picture for The Hunger Project by Johannes Odé 

Razia, Bangladesh

“Every woman should be skilled and economically self-reliant… Otherwise, the problems of women could never be solved…”

Rita, Ghana

“I worked with the teachers, sensitising the school children on the effects and the harms teenage pregnancy can do to them.”

Rejeya, Bangladesh

“Now I do not pass the night without food and my other family members can eat full meals at night.”

Photography: Women in Benin at workshop – Johannes Ode