A world without hunger is possible.

Are you in?

Ending hunger starts with people. 

Resilience. Courage. Ingenuity. Creativity. People are extraordinary. With your investment, The Hunger Project works with communities to realise their own future, free from hunger and poverty. Together, we make change happen.

Food is a basic human need. 

Yet today, 1 in 10 people live in hunger. Top-down, aid-driven models fail to create sustainable, lasting change for communities living in hunger and poverty.

At The Hunger Project we’re breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty, by flipping this model on its head. We believe hungry people themselves are the key to ending hunger and we have 40+ years of evidence to say this theory of change works. We do this by looking at the whole system that keeps hunger in place. 

783 million people are chronically undernourished

99% of people living in hunger are in low and middle income countries

60% of the world’s hungry people are women and girls


2023 SOFI Report 

783 million people are living in hunger. Strategic, locally-led systems hold the answer.

Sharing our 2022-2027 Strategic Framework

The Strategic Framework is more than a high-level, aspirational goal, it’s a framework for a commitment made by our organisation to thoughtfully and strategically carry out programming worldwide.

World Hunger Day 2023 Highlights

World Hunger Day 2023 was a huge success, take a look at our highlights, with some juicy statistics thrown in for good measure!

We work where it matters.

The Hunger Project has a 40+ year track record of standing in partnership with people living in rural communities across Africa, South Asia and Latin America.  

Rather than making small contributions on the periphery, we work at the heart of the problem – building confidence at the grassroots, empowering women as key agents of change, and forging effective partnerships with local authorities.  

We don’t see a billion mouths to feed, we see a billion human beings who are aspiring changemakers, entrepreneurs and innovators, eager to act. Our work is to unleash people’s capacity, creativity and leadership, so they can become the agents of their own development. 

Critically, we provide them with a hand-up, not a hand-out. Once empowered, there is no one more determined, more willing and more capable to end their own hunger. 

Start with women

Mobilise communities

Forge partnerships

Our Impact in 2022.

Around the world, our education, agricultural, health and microfinance programs empower people with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to break the cycle of poverty on their own. 









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