Rethinking What’s Possible Training

The Rethinking What’s Possible (RWP) training will challenge your assumptions about what a leader looks like, by opening up the village classrooms of the developing world. It will examine leadership behaviours of the women and men who are transforming their entire communities, despite having limited resources, education and positional authority.  

These gender-neutral, interactive workshops will offer a fresh perspective on leadership. Attendees will recalibrate their own perspective of what is possible in their life, what is limiting their own capacity to be extraordinary and explore how their mindsets and entrenched beliefs, can be transformed. This will enable each individual to open up new possibilities of leadership in the workplace.   

Meet the trainer

Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst; leading women into a new global paradigm. Her message and work have directly impacted over 120,000 people on 4 different continents.

As the founder of One of Many, her organisation has supported over 60,000 women leaders to greater impact without burnout. Her private client list reads like a who’s who of industry luminaries in the UK, USA and Australia.

Joanna has been a long-standing investor of The Hunger Project and has recently been appointed Co-Chair of Board of Trustees for The Hunger Project UK.

Workshop structure

Typically, the Rethinking What’s Possible workshop, led by Dr Joanna Martin, are 2.5 hours long and will take place online via zoom. Each workshop will have ideally 45-50 people per session to ensure participants fully benefit from the interactive training style. Each workshop should be a mix of all genders. Nb. The structure of the workshop can be tailored to your needs.  

The workshop is structured in three sections:  

  1. Giving context to the work of The Hunger Project and our experience in empowering others;  
  2. Opening the space to think differently about leadership by sharing stories from community members and discussing practical implications of each story with the participants; and 
  3. Capturing participant’s vision for what is possible, personally and professionally.   


  • 2.5-hour tailored Rethinking What’s Possible workshop.  
  • Maximum total attendees 50 ppl. 
  • Preparation call with Dr Joanna Martin to tailor content based on your needs.  
  • Content and material preparation, including 7 hours of Dr Joanna Martin’s time.  
  • THP-UK administration and feedback facilitation. 
  • THP-UK communications and marketing support, as needed. 

    “I loved the tenacity of the workshop and how it got me thinking about a different perspective on leadership, particularly when facing management challenges in my daily life.”  Previous Rethinking What’s Possible workshop attendee.   

    Want to know more?

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