Unleashed Women.

Women changing the world.

What is Unleashed Women?

Unleashed Women is a community of women ending global hunger and poverty.

We share a passion for social justice, equality, and a commitment to community-led development, coming together to support people globally to escape hunger and poverty.

We’re agents of change, fundraising money together and raising our collective voice to firmly shift the balance of women around the globe – and you can join us.

Why women?

Women continue to bear the brunt of challenges, disasters, and conflict around the world.

Even today, women still:

  • don’t have the same social status as men.
  • are often forced into marriage.
  • regularly experience violence.
  • suffer high levels of child and maternal mortality.
  • suffer transgenerational malnutrition.

Why hunger?

As undernourishment passes from generation to generation, children are often born underweight – reducing their physical and mental capacity well into adulthood, slashing their earning opportunities and increasing the risk of hunger, continuing the cycle of poverty. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Empowering women empowers communities.

It’s been proven that when women are empowered, all of society benefits. When women are supported:

Their families are healthier.

More children go to school.

Agricultural productivity improves.

Incomes increase.

Empowering women helps whole communities become more resilient. This is true of women based here in the UK, as it is for the women we work with across Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

We firmly believe that encouraging women to be key change agents is an essential element to achieving the end of hunger and poverty.

How we help.

We’re committed to tackling poverty and hunger from the roots, giving women the education and tools they need to break the cycle.

Through the programmes we fund, we empower women around the world to:

  • see their worth
  • develop their education
  • build their own cooperatives
  • inspire their communities
  • become decision makers
  • advocate for their rights
  • take their place among society’s strongest leaders, and
  • become entrepreneurs on equal terms.

We believe there is no limit to what women can achieve with the right support – that’s where you come in.

What you’ll gain when you support us.

By joining Unleashed Women, you’ll become part of a network of women coming together to change the status quo, supporting each other in our leadership, as we support communities in our programme.  


You’ll join a community of motivated female change-makers, committed to ending global hunger. Through Unleashed Women, you’ll develop friendships and connections that will support both your professional and personal life.



Be inspired by powerful women, join insightful conversations, and dive into understanding your own purpose. Grow while learning from women around the world, and learn from guest speakers at both our in-person events and virtual forums.


Make a difference that will have a long-term, significant impact. When you join Unleashed Women, that deep sense of fulfilment you desire can be realised. See how your contribution is impacting real lives and communities for the better, for years to come.

How to get started.

 Step one:

Choose your commitment

You choose the level you feel able to contribute monthly or annually. If you’re unable to give a higher amount right now, but over time feel you might be more equipped to, you can opt for our lower commitment option to begin with. Most of our Unleashed Women supporters contribute monthly, and some give through their business, or fundraise their donation. No matter your contribution, we’d be delighted to have your support.

Step two:

Access opportunities

Once you’ve set up your monthly investment, you can begin your journey of becoming an Unleashed Woman. You’ll gain access to the collective wisdom of the Unleashed Women community and share insights about how you’re raising your impact. You’ll also be able to network, make new friends with other female leaders, and be inspired by guest speakers at our in-person and virtual events.

Step three:

Engage your community

As an Unleashed Woman, you’ll be given lots of opportunities to champion the community, raise awareness of the vital work we’re doing and recruit other women to ensure a thriving, sustainable community. By taking on challenges and engaging your friends, family and colleagues with the incredible stories you’ve heard, you’ll help us collectively meet our annual £90,000 goal.

What your contribution funds.

With a thriving supporter base, Unleashed Women funds women empowerment programmes, and supports girls through education and ending child marriage.

Investments through Unleashed Women help fund The Hunger Project’s global work. We tackle the root of the problem through building self-reliance at the grassroots level, empowering women as key change agents, and forging effective partnerships with the local government.



could provide business and leadership training for a female entrepreneur living in a rural village in Malawi, allowing her to start an income generating social enterprise.



could provide training and coaching for an elected female representative in India, allowing her to create more effective change in the communities which she serves.



could provide training and coaching for an elected female representative in India, allowing her to create more effective change in the communities which she serves.

Meet the women and girls we’re helping.

Meet Kossogui

Meet Kalli

Our Unleashed Women events & fundraising.

Rethinking what’s possible.

As part of our community, you are invited to attend our Rethinking What’s Possible workshops. Explore the fundamental characteristics of effective leaders through the stories of those who, against all odds, are shifting beliefs and creating significant change.

Fundraising resources.

You’ll also have access to our expert fundraising and leadership resources. Discover new ways to share ideas, make connections, and get inspired to raise funds and align your business with your fundraising goals.

Forums + speakers.

Through Unleashed Women, you’ll have access to regular group discussions, forums and guest speakers – the collective wisdom of the Unleashed Women community – and share insights about how you are raising your impact. 

Networking events.

Get involved in our quarterly social and networking events. Meet inspiring women, make new connections, and hear from speakers who will motivate you. We foster discussions which allow you to connect with the community, empowering your leadership journey.

“The Unleashed Women have become a learning support system to me, where women get to speak about their vunerabilities whilst leading.”

Nilza Costa Baptista

Unleashed Women UK Member

“Unleashed Women creates a fantastic connection to amazing people in very different domains. The power of community allows us to begin to solve seemingly intractable problems.”

Siobhan Martin

Unleashed Women UK Founding Member

“Unleashed Women has opened my eyes to the amazing women striving every day to transform themselves, their families and communities to bring about the end of hunger. By building confidence and supporting women, we can together create a better future for all.”

Joy Burnford

Unleashed Women UK Founding Member

Become an Unleashed Woman today.

Commit to a hunger-free future. By setting up a monthly or yearly contribution, you’re investing in the women of tomorrow and helping break the cycle of poverty.

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