Our accountability.

As a non-profit organisation, The Hunger Project is committed to upholding high standards of accountability to the communities we serve, and our partners and supporters.

Where can I find the latest annual report?

You can find our latest annual report and previous years’ reports on the Our Impact page.

What accreditations does The Hunger Project UK have?

The Hunger Project UK is a registered charity in England & Wales 1164839 and a company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales 9583057.  

In every country we work, we hold the highest accreditations. Our governance structure includes a global board of directors, and, in each partner country, a national board or advisory committee. 

Who informs the work we do?

Our governance, policy and operations are informed by both the expertise of the leaders on the global and national boards and advisory committees in the countries we work, and by The Hunger Project Programme Leaders and community members.  

This means we are informed by the people who are best equipped to provide insight and guidance for what’s missing, what’s needed, and what’s possible to sustainably end hunger.  

What are our overhead costs like?

We understand how important it is to get the money we raise where it’s needed most, so our UK office is committed to keeping our costs as low as we can. 

This includes negotiating on all costs to get the best rates, working with volunteers to maximise outputs and constantly questioning the return on investment for every pound spent.  

That’s why we’re confident that every pound spent on overheads is spent to maximise our impact. This includes paying our skilled staff to do their jobs efficiently, investing in systems to run our organisation more effectively to drive our cause, and getting the word out to more people, helping us sustain the awesome work we do.  

Why doesn’t The Hunger Project distribute food?

Traditional top-down models including food distribution are not a sustainable solution to world hunger. 

Rather than making small, quick-fix contributions on the periphery, our goal at THP-UK is to work at the heart of the problem. Our approach to breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty puts the power back into the hands of those affected.  

We believe the key to ending this cycle is to empower those in the community, breaking the systems that keep hunger and poverty in place. And our 40+ years of work shows us this theory of change is working. 

Our work builds resilient, self-reliant communities. We facilitate partnerships and empower people with the education, skills, and resources needed to drive a community-led approach that works, long-term. See our latest reports for more information on our impact. 

Get involved.

With your support, we can continue to work towards a sustainable solution to ending world hunger. Find out how you can get involved below.