Our accountability.

We exist because of investors like you. We are accountable to you and the communities we serve.  

In every country where we work, we hold the highest accreditations. Our governance structure includes a Global Board of Directors and, in each Partner Country, a National Board or Advisory Committee. 

Our governance, policy and operations are informed by both the expertise of these leaders and, most importantly, by the expertise of The Hunger Project Programme Leaders and community members who are best equipped to provide insight and guidance for what’s missing, what’s needed and what’s possible to sustainably end hunger 

We understand how important it is to get the money where it’s needed most, that’s why the UK office has committed to keeping our costs low.

This includes negotiating on all costs to get the best rates, working with volunteers to maximise outputs and constantly questioning the return on investment for every pound spent. 

That’s why we’re confident that every pound spent on overheads is spent to maximise our impact. This includes paying our trained staff to do their jobs efficiently and skillfully, investing in systems to run our organisation more effectively, and getting the word out to more people about the awesome work we do. 

With funding from our generous global investors and partners, we were able to invest nearly £12 million into our programmes in 2022, helping to support more than 11,000 communities