Our impact.

In 2022, The Hunger Project’s work reached nearly 12 million people, across:







Through the communities we helped, we saw a:

26% decrease in severe hunger. 

27% decrease in household poverty.

31% increase in female business ownership.

Together with our investors and supporters, we helped:

76% of minors go to school.

43% more households store food properly.

38% of households to have a vegetable garden.

We helped people realise their potential to create lasting change.

In 2022, we trained 22,000 new local volunteers, who bring change in their own communities.

Nearly 32,000 people trained in income-generating activities. 

Over 38,000 people trained in food security.

Nearly 57,000 people trained in water, sanitation, and hygiene.

We brought education to women and communities around the globe.  

In 2022, we saw: 

Nearly 23,000 adults learn to read and write.

Over 20,000 women trained in leadership.

Over 16,000 participants attend workshops on climate adaptation.

Changing lives around the globe.

Stella Expands Her Business Through Internet Access

In collaboration with BLUETOWN and Microsoft, the Women’s Meaningful Access Project brings high speed internet access to women in rural Ghana.

Adebar Fights Child Marriage in Ethiopia

Adebar fights her own child marriage and pursues an education in rural Ethiopia through the Her Choice program.

Hadijah Encourages Girls Through Kickball

Smallholder farmer and local leader Hadijah uses kickball to mentor girls in her community and build a better future for herself and her family.

Committed to learning.

The Hunger Project tracks our work over years so we can observe changes in key impact areas within communities, allowing us to understand both areas of success and needed growth in our programs. We are committed to learning from outcomes to continuously improve programs for the benefit of our community partners.  

Annual reports.