We can’t end hunger without your partnership.

The end of hunger is a big task, but our community continually challenges themselves to go beyond what they thought was possible, to support the end of hunger. 

From food challenges and sporting events to raising money through your online shopping, or joining our World Hunger Day campaign, there are many ways you can get involved today. 

Fundraise for us

Are you ready to take on a new challenge ? We’re inviting you to help us end hunger and poverty by fundraising for The Hunger Project.

Whether you’re fundraising as a group, with colleagues or on your own – our team are on hand to support you along the way. Sign up today to start your fundraising journey.

The Letter

Introducing an exciting new film, “The Letter” made in partnership with film studio Kaptcha TV. “The Letter” allows three incredible women the opportunity to tell future generations that there is hope, that there is a brighter tomorrow, that their hard work and perseverance will lead to change.

The Big Give

Help us double our impact and support one of our match funding campaigns with The Big Give.

World Hunger Day

Founded by The Hunger Project UK in 2011 to call attention to the global food crisis. On 28th May each year, we join together as global citizens to highlight sustainable solutions to world hunger and declare our own role in making a hunger-free planet reality. 

Dormant Client Funds

In 2014, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) increased the limit of unclaimed dormant client account funds from £50 to £500 which can be paid to a charity without SRA permission. Pledge your support to The Hunger Project by donating your unclaimed dormant client account funds.