The Big Give

Christmas Campaign 2022

This year, nearly 828 million people do not have enough food to eat each day.  

Insufficient responses to the climate crisis, violent conflicts globally, pandemics and growing economic inequality, has put extreme pressure on our food system’s capacity to produce and distribute nutritious and affordable food. 

Estimates show an additional 19 million more people will be forced into hunger by 2023. 

Yet a hunger free world is possible.  

Our vision is a world where every person leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.  

This Christmas we’re inviting you to help bring us closer to that goal.  

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign. For 2022, The Hunger Project has a match funding pot of £2,800 making our campaign target an amazing £5,600. 

This Christmas give a gift of food empowerment and your donation will be matched! That’s one donation with twice the impact; making an extraordinary difference to your global family and the work we do. 

If you would like to double your impact this Christmas, donate to The Hunger Project UK from Giving Tuesday (midday on Tuesday 29th November to midday on Tuesday 6th December) and see your donation automatically double in value!

How it works? 

We’re breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty

Top-down, aid-driven models fail to create lasting change for communities living in hunger and poverty. At The Hunger Project we flip this model on its head and believe hungry people themselves are the solution to ending hunger.  

We don’t see a billion mouths to feed, we see a billion human beings who are aspiring changemakers, entrepreneurs and innovators, eager to act. Our work is to unleash people’s capacity, creativity and leadership, so they can become the agents of their own development. 

Critically, we provide them with a hand-up, not a hand-out. Once empowered, there is no one more determined, more willing and more capable to end their own hunger. 

What impact will my money make?

£5,600 could support 56 volunteer leaders in Africa to attend food security and agriculture training; building resilience and sustainably ending hunger for thousands of people

These volunteers—called “animators”—would learn modern farming techniques that include creating climate resilient soil, water conservation and effective storage techniques, that reduce malnutrition in communities. Each of these animators in turn trains their neighbours, building food security for entire communities, reaching up to 4,000 local farmers each year. 

With your support, this campaign could impact the lives of over 200,000 people a year. People like Aragaw and his wife Melkom, newlyweds from the area around Machakel, in Amhara, Ethiopia. 

The Hunger Project and WeForest have been working in this area to fight erosion due to depleted eroded soil, resulting in crop failures and food insecurity.  

After receiving support from The Hunger Project, Aragaw said “I heard about intercropping from The Hunger Project and I received advice about planting and caring for coffee and avocado. After I helped plant the trees on the communal land, I received seedlings that I planted in my own field. I now mainly earn my income by working with my father on the land and I also grow some grain and maize myself but I hope I can earn enough with these bushes.” 

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking 173rd out of 189 on the Human Development Index. The country loses 2 billion tons of fertile soil annually due to heavy rainfall caused by climate change and deforestation. Poverty is further exacerbated by recent conflict, landlessness and youth unemployment that is plaguing the country.  

Women and children are most affected, with 35% of under-five children stunted, and 10% severely stunted. Moreover, women remain marginalised and are often excluded from participation in decision making and in the economy. 

Act now

The Hunger Project believes in the limitless potential of the human spirit and the power of collective voice to create a world free from hunger and poverty.   

Now is the time to accelerate our work – by amplifying voices and reimagining systems for the benefit of people and planet.  

Here at The Hunger Project, we believe that every pound you donate is an investment. You are investing in the people and communities in our programme countries who are ending their own hunger. That’s why we ask you to invest in our work rather than donate to us.   

Please invest in us today, to change lives tomorrow. 


Picture for The Hunger Project by Johannes Odé 

Match funders

A huge thank you to a number of our investors and the Reed Foundation who have made up our match funding pot of £2,800.

Razia, Bangladesh

“Every woman should be skilled and economically self-reliant… Otherwise, the problems of women could never be solved…”

Rita, Ghana

“I worked with the teachers, sensitising the school children on the effects and the harms teenage pregnancy can do to them.”

Rejeya, Bangladesh

“Now I do not pass the night without food and my other family members can eat full meals at night.”

Photography: Women in Benin at workshop – Johannes Ode