Kossigui’s Story

Jul 19, 2023 | Blog, Latest News

Affectionately called Safoura, Kossigui Ganigui is 45 years old and the mother of 6 children including 2 girls. Safoura is a partner of the Sonon-Guinagourou epicentre. In 2012, she was interviewed by THP Netherlands about the different activities she carries out, her goals and also her dreams. What has she become? We spoke to Safoura in 2021 where she shared her story with us.

“I still live in Sonon-Guinagourou and I continue to sell fried fish at the market and at home. I also produce Soya and Maize on a farm of 5 hectares. Apart from that, I buy agricultural products (corn, shea nuts, cowpea seeds and soybeans) that I store and sell during the lean season. All these activities bring me a lot of profit. I opened an account at the THP bank to save money and I currently have a little more than 110,000 FCFA (approximately 168 euros). I also have bags of shea nuts in stock.”

“Thanks to this income, I am able to pay the apprenticeship fees of three of my sons (the oldest has finished his apprenticeship as a welder, the second is learning the trade of scrap metal worker and the third I   s learning to work as a builder) as well as the schooling of my other children. I helped my husband to finish a house of 4 apartments.”

“This is the place to thank The Hunger Project-Benin for what it does for the community and for me. I have been responsible for Health-Nutrition at the epicenter. I participated in several trainings on the nutrition of children from 0-5 years old, which allowed me to feed my children well, to advise pregnant women and mothers of children in the surrounding villages on several topics (child nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, measures to fight against sexually transmitted diseases, etc.). I often quarreled with my husband on several subjects such as: children’s schooling, money for meals, contributions for family ceremonies, etc. Today, I don’t necessarily expect my husband’s money to carry out my activities or take care of my children. Since I have an activity that brings me money, the disputes with my husband have considerably decreased because he recognizes my place and my usefulness in the household. Thanks to the different activities of THP-Benin, I had the chance to know other cities and villages of Benin.”