Sharing Our 2022-2027 Strategic Framework

Oct 6, 2022 | Latest News

In partnership with millions of people around the world, we at The Hunger Project have worked towards an end to hunger since 1977—a mission that’s more important than ever.

The rate of hunger is rising rapidly and we need bold, creative, sustainable action to regain the progress that’s been lost.

Within this context, we present The Hunger Project’s 2022-2027 Strategic Framework. The Strategic Framework is more than a high-level, aspirational goal, it’s a framework for a commitment made by our organisation to thoughtfully and strategically carry out programming worldwide.

Get to know the ins and outs of our 2022-2027 Strategic Framework through our Institutional Partners Booklet.

Our goal to end hunger has not changed. It’s a bold goal that we set out to reach more than 40 years ago and one that we remain steadfastly committed to today. Our Strategic Framework takes the realities of today’s world into consideration in order to achieve this vision, ensuring we’re not stuck in out-moded processes just because we’ve done them before. As a tool our Strategic Framework supports decision making, partnerships and ensures we stay accountable to the values of our mission within the context of an ever changing world.

Global context.

We are experiencing seismic shifts in our climate, global health, politics and technology. And, after decades of progress, we still see growing inequities in human rights, gender, poverty and hunger. This is a critical moment in the global pursuit of an end to hunger. One in nine members of our human family does not have enough nutritious food to lead a healthy and productive life. Even prior to the pandemic, the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of zero hunger by 2030 was ambitious. Now, it is clear that the human and economic toll of COVID-19 and the inequitable recovery will make it increasingly challenging to end hunger at our current pace. 

To end hunger by 2030, the global community must accelerate our actions within the context of our current world. Our 2022 Strategic Framework identifies five imperatives, or themes, that are essential to recognize and work with in this era of The Hunger Project:

Each of these imperatives were identified through a collaborative process with our staff around the world. Together, we recognise these areas as the most pressing, influential situations impacting our work to end hunger and poverty. We have created our 2022-2027 Strategic Framework to amplify our work having taken each of these factors into fundamental consideration. 

How do we respond now?

At the core of the strategy is our belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit and the power of coordinated voice and action to create a world free from hunger and poverty.  

As part of our Strategic Framework, we’ve identified areas of action and focus for us to make a quantum leap forward, to amplify voices and reimagine systems. We call them our Accelerators. Each Accelerator has the potential to rapidly transform policies, practices and resource flows with an exponential effect.

Our five-year vision within this Strategic Framework holds the possibility of a world with…
  • Effective leadership action by individuals, especially women and youth, who step forward as community leaders to ensure every person has the opportunity to lead a healthy, productive, resilient and self-reliant life in harmony with nature. 

  • Access to resources, autonomy and opportunity. An enabling environment of equity, peace and stewardship of the natural environment, where communities access the training, information or resources needed to ensure lives free from hunger, unencumbered by entrenched social barriers.

  • Collective voice of individuals living in hunger and poverty to demand change of their central governments through associational strength within and among communities.

  • Sufficient government and funder commitment to recognise and take the required actions, shifts in priority, and devolution of power and resources necessary to end hunger, in harmony with the natural environment.

All of us, and the natural world that sustains us, are profoundly connected. Together, we can create a world of equity, interconnectedness and collaboration—a world where hunger is completely unacceptable. Our 2022-2027 Strategic Framework paves the way for that future within The Hunger Project.

Image: Lizeta in Burkina Faso, 2022 | Photo for The Hunger Project by WTYSL