Delma Jean, Burkina Faso

Sep 19, 2018 | Inspiring Stories - Africa

My name is Delma Jean. I am a farmer and a member of Bissiga Epicentre in Burkina Faso. The epicentre provides Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops (VCAWs) that strengthen our organisational capabilities and provide sector-specific training. I also received training on microdose technology (the application of a small dose of fertilizer inserted directly into the seedbed) and the production of organic manure.

In the past, I could not produce more than ten bags of maize per hectare of land. That kept me in poverty for many years.

Through the acquisition and application of new knowledge, I could increase my production. Now, I get 35 bags of maize per hectare of land. The Hunger Project-Burkina Faso has thus contributed to my success and that of other epicentre farmers who apply the new technology of microdosing.

Today, I have grain attics to store my harvest and my family is well nourished. Through selling the surplus of my crop yield, I can support the expenses of my family and improve my living conditions.

I now live in a solid house and I manage to send my two children to secondary school, which is quite a feat for an owner of a small farm like mine.

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