THP-UK launches Unleashed Women 20 to 30 for International Youth Day 2023

Aug 8, 2023 | Blog, Latest News

Saturday 12th August is International Youth Day, a Global Day of Significance led by the United Nations to recognise the influence of young people on the world and to promote their inclusion in building a better future with all of us.
This year, for IYD 2023, The Hunger Project UK is excited to announce the launch of Unleashed Women 20 to 30!

What is Unleashed Women?

Unleashed Women is a collective of women in the UK committed to be agents of change and play an active role in ending hunger and poverty by investing their time and money into our projects. Together, by raising our collective voice we are shifting the balance firmly of women around the world.

Through the work of Unleashed Women, women around the world are trained to become decision makers, to take their place among society’s strongest leaders and to become entrepreneurs on equal terms. We believe there is no limit to what a woman can achieve – that’s what being part of Unleashed Women is about. 

Why 20 to 30?

The Hunger Project believes that “the youth are the future stewards of our food systems”. And therefore, by promoting the inclusion of the younger generation in building a better future is pivotal for current global movements to end hunger. Solidarity and collaboration across all age groups are needed to create sustainable change. 

By joining the Unleashed Women 20 to 30, you will become part of a network of women coming together to change the status quo, learn from the stories of others, recalibrate your perspective of leading your own life, and unleash your imagination and creativity.

What our members say…

“The Unleashed Women have become a learning support system to me, where women get to speak about their vunerabilities whilst leading.”

Nilza Costa Baptista

Unleashed Women UK Member

“The experience and connections that I made as part of Unleashed Women have helped me grow in my professional journey, and I know the investment is going towards the fight against hunger.”

Hannah Birgani

Unleashed Women 20 to 30 Member

If you, or someone you know, are between the ages of 20 and 30 and you’re looking to be part of an empowering group of women motivated to change the world, join Unleashed Women 20-30 today from just £25 per month!