Rethinking What’s Possible

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Leadership development is vital for commercial success but in today’s non-linear, fast paced and digitalized environment, how we build leaders needs reimagining.

That’s why we’ve developed truly unique leadership programmes delivered right here in the UK.

Delivered by The Hunger Project-UK, the Rethinking What’s Possible workshop explores the fundamental characteristics of effective leaders through the stories of those who seemed most unlikely. People who, against all odds, are shifting beliefs and creating significant change.

They do this using The Hunger Project’s 5-step Methodology to Effective Leadership. Developed over 40 years, this methodology is parallel to the world’s best practice in driving organisational change.

Our two hour Rethinking What’s Possible workshop will:

  • Share the inspiring stories of our village partners
  • Recalibrate your perspective with examples of what’s possible in your life
  • Challenge your assumptions about what’s limiting your capacity
  • Explore why your mindset is key, and how entrenched beliefs can be transformed
  • Give you insights into the work of The Hunger Project and invite you to consider your role in ending hunger

The original launch event workshop was delivered by internationally acclaimed speaker and educator, Dr Joanna Martin, who is a committed investor and advocate for The Hunger Project’s work in empowering people to end their own hunger. We are very fortunate that Joanna and our other workshop leaders make themselves available to lead our workshops.

Rethinking What’s Possible is a profound experience available to individuals and organisations. For more information, contact us:


Dr Joanna Martin

We’d like to thank Dr Joanna Martin, who has been supporting the UK team in launching and developing our Rethinking What’s Possible events.

Internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator, Dr Joanna Martin is a committed supporter of The Hunger Project.

Joanna has direct experience of our programme work, has been instrumental in designing this exclusive workshop in Australia and the United States and is giving her time freely to support the growth of Rethinking What’s Possible in the UK.

Razia, Bangladesh

“Every woman should be skilled and economically self-reliant… Otherwise, the problems of women could never be solved…”

Rita, Ghana

“I worked with the teachers, sensitising the school children on the effects and the harms teenage pregnancy can do to them.”

Rejeya, Bangladesh

“Now I do not pass the night without food and my other family members can eat full meals at night.”