Leadership and resilience in action: our partners leading the response

Jul 22, 2020 | Latest News

Your support and investment has enabled our local volunteer leaders to quickly mobilise their communities and respond to COVID-19 with ingenuity and strength. Instead of waiting for help to come from outside sources, they adopted a leader mindset and were empowered to take action themselves having learnt these skills from years of training by The Hunger Project.

“Our main aim was to provide relief in areas with extremely vulnerable communities that the government hadn’t reached yet. We have been able to support 20 families in distress so far.”

– Sukhiya, Sita and Anita, elected women leaders who have been trained by The Hunger Project in Rajasthan, India

Together, here’s what our village partners have achieved:

4,354 Tippy Taps installed in villages to bring simple hand washing stations close to people’s homes. Animators (local volunteer leaders) have led the education and training in how to properly use them.



8,000 Elected Women and 3,600 Adolescent Girls trained by The Hunger Project formed phone trees and WhatsApp groups to deliver accurate, easy-to-understand health information to 500,000 people.


9,400 community members participated in specially designed Water, Sanitation and Hygiene workshops so they are personally equipped to prevent the spread.


137,160 face masks made and distributed – ‘sewing armies’ have been set up in some areas to learn from one another and keep collectively strong while giving back.

97,465 food rations distributed to those who have been identified by Elected Women as on the brink of absolute destitution. Although The Hunger Project usually has a ‘no handouts’ policy, this new idea was put forward by Elected Women who saw the dire need in their villages.

135,709 public health leaflets distributed. These have often been translated into local languages or the information is shown in pictures, so that as many people as possible can understand them. Equal access to information is vital during this time.

The Hunger Project’s priority lies in ensuring that the right information and support reaches the local communities where we are active. With our already existing networks, we have a great capacity to work towards making sure no-one is left behind. 

We will continue to share news from our programme countries with you as regularly as we can. 

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