Ndeye is encouraging others to get an education in Senegal

Nov 7, 2019 | Inspiring Stories - Africa

Taking part in workshops run by The Hunger Project got Ndeye Ndiaye thinking about her future. She had learned to read and write in school and had also taken literacy classes but she had never been inspired to put her skills into action. When she was mentored by Coumba – a Hunger Project animator (trained volunteer) and strong leader in the community – Ndeye began to realise her own potential as a leader and entrepreneur.

She said, “I had my mind opened about leadership, my role at work and in entrepreneurship – and that’s when I started thinking about my future.”

Ndeye started her own dressmaking business, where she employs her 3 brothers to make made-to-measure clothes for the local community. They make up to 20 dresses per week and many people now shop exclusively with them.

Through the success of her business, she makes enough profit to take care of her family and to work on her vision of setting up a training centre for women to learn tailoring skills.

Ndeye has now been trained as a Women’s Empowerment Animator through The Hunger Project and she is committed to inspiring women and girls to get an education so they too can become productive contributors to their community. She plans to buy more sewing machines so she can employ more people to work with her.

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This article was originally published by The Hunger Project Australia