5 minutes with Unleashed Women member, Mehalah Beckett

Mar 1, 2023 | Blog, Latest News


Mehalah Beckett is a B corp consultant. She has worked across the globe as a consultant, civil servant, and diplomat. We spoke with Mehalah about her passion for our women-focused work to end hunger sustainably and her plans for International Women’s Day.  

Mehalah is passionate about sustainability, inclusivity and international development. Currently as a leadership and business coach and B Corp consultant and the founder of LEAD POWERFUL IMPACT she is on a mission to transform a million lives. This requires powerful leadership and she can’t do this alone. She partners with leaders, organisations and businesses on a mission for social and environmental impact. As their coach, B Corp consultant, trusted advisor and strategic thinking partner, she accelerates their impact in the world. After spending 8 years living in sub-Saharan Africa, she is currently residing in Scotland. 

Mehalah decided to join the Unleashed Women Movement after a career in international development. When she changed careers, she realised she still had unfinished business in providing support and aid to women in need. She felt inspired by the training and coaching that The Hunger Project provides to women leaders around the world.

She says “It is one of the many ways I support. I give 5% of my revenue to the Hunger Project!” 

We asked Mehalah what her plans were for International Women’s Day. She said “Normally we put on an event but this year I am going to a lunch, we are celebrating the women of Glasgow! I would also like to celebrate my mum, I wouldn’t be here without her on so many levels, she is very supportive. She is so selfless, driven and very smart, she has inspired me to be who I am today. She still runs and goes to the gym in her 70s!”.

“I am proud of using my professional life, energy, finances and time to support others to have the opportunities in life that I’ve had such as opportunity to work, save money and travel the world.”  

Mehalah thinks back to a poignant memory of an inspiring women she has encountered during her career, and tells us the story of Becky. Becky was the first female overland truck driver in Kenya, and had to overcome huge barriers to fulfil her dream. She persevered and remained resilient, and against all odds she was accepted by the all male mechanics, tour leaders and drivers. You can watch her story here!  

A huge Hunger Project thank you to Mehalah for her support and partnership in the end of hunger. If you would like to speak to us about becoming part of the community to end hunger and poverty, please get in touch with our Country Director, Rebecca Burgess – rebecca.burgess@thehungerproject.org.uk

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