5 minutes with Unleashed Women member, Stephanie Myerscough

Mar 1, 2023 | Blog, Latest News

Stephanie Myerscough is a Coaching Psychologist who grew up in Cyprus. She founded her own business named HerJourney.co.uk. We spoke with Stephanie about her passion for our women-focussed work to end hunger sustainably and her plans for International Women’s Day. 

Stephanie has just started her own business where she offers women’s transformative coaching and positive psychology practice. Her aim is to increase meaningful impact for the lives of individuals whilst encouraging them to let go of past experiences that can hold us back or lead to burnout. She says “It’s an incredible process and I stand by its importance every day”.

“I decided to become a part of the Unleashed Women Movement, as it stands for what I stand for and what my business stands for. The stories of transformation touch me at such a deep level; I couldn’t not be a part of it.” 

“For International Women’s Day, I plan to launch my business on social media, honouring women and the link to what I do.”

After making a career switch, Stephanie says “I am proud that I have gone for my deepest longing and chosen to pivot career wise. After having children, I could have gone back to ensuring i have stable income but I chose to go for what I believe is my deep meaning and purpose; going all out for transformation.” 

Her MSc in Positive Psychology has shown her the importance of pushing for positivity not only because it feels great but also the facts behind why it is important for health, community value, relationship growth, faith and hope plus so much more. She says “It’s seeing the full picture that can lead to great conversations and ultimately what roots and connects us into belonging and purpose in this life. 

“My last role was as a Social Transformation Leader and through that role in the community I was able to garner people’s strengths and gifts at a time where it felt like the pandemic was winning!”  

A huge Hunger Project thank you to Stephanie for her support and partnership in the end of hunger. If you would like to speak to us about becoming part of the community to end hunger and poverty, please get in touch with our Country Director, Rebecca Burgess – rebecca.burgess@thehungerproject.org.uk

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