5 minutes with an Unleashed Women patron and Hunger Project investor – Nicola Bird

Apr 28, 2019 | Latest News



Nicola Bird is a long-time supporter of The Hunger Project and the first Patron of our Unleashed Women movement in the UK. We spoke to Nicola about her journey with The Hunger Project and what connects her to our work. Nicola is an entrepreneur and has set up a number of businesses over the past few years. Her current project, A Little Peace of Mind helps people who experience anxiety, panic attacks and stress. Her book, “A Little Peace of Mind” is published by Hay House and is out in May 2019.




I came to The Hunger Project from a book. At a business training event I was introduced to Lynne Twist’s, “The Soul of Money”. In her book, Lynne shares her stories of being involved with The Hunger Project, and THP’s very clear goal of eradicating chronic hunger and poverty, and that it is women and children who are often the backbone of communities and who are the key to ending hunger. It made total sense to me, and it was there that my journey with The Hunger Project began.


I volunteered at a Rethinking What’s Possible leadership workshop, and then took on the incredibly fun Live Below the Line challenge, matching my fundraising with a donation from my business. After that I joined and helped unleash the Unleashed Women movement in the UK, and became its first patron.


The Hunger Project has a special place in my heart and I have really become connected to its work and its people. I’m an entrepreneur and I see that entrepreneurial spirit in The Hunger Project team in the UK, and I really respect that. They are people who never stop, they keep on going, and they love what they do, doing it with so much passion and excitement. And that lights up other people. They are a small team and I know them so well and that really helps connect me to the cause as a supporter and investor.


The Hunger Project’s focus on women as the key to ending hunger makes sense to me. As a mum I really connect with women that The Hunger Project works with. I understand the important role that mothers have in the home, and particularly as role models to their daughters, ensuring that they get an education, and don’t marry early.


We all have the same essence. It’s in you, me, or a woman in Malawi or Bangladesh. Our experiences are different but underneath there is something that we all share – that same essence. And that’s what connects me to a woman in Malawi or Bangladesh.


Some of the highlights in my journey with The Hunger Project so far include the Below the Line challenge. It was really hard but I loved sharing my experience on YouTube and Facebook and feeling like I had the support of so many people. Sharing also kept me accountable and helped me finish the challenge! I was also really proud of my daughter Tilly taking on a one-day version of the challenge and doing a presentation at her school.


Being part of the Baking Challenge event where we launched the Unleashed Women movement was also fun. Although I wanted to do even more cake decorating as it’s a huge passion of mine!


But honestly my biggest highlight in my journey with The Hunger Project is when I make my donation. It is a real emotional and heart connection to have the opportunity to contribute every year, and I have absolute trust that the money that I give will be invested in the best way it can to further the work of The Hunger Project. I am so connected to the organisation and its people, from that very first moment that I read Lynne’s book, which touched me in a way I can’t really describe, to now, as a multi-year investor in the charity.


A huge Hunger Project thank you to Nicola for her continued support and partnership in the end of hunger. If you would like speak to us about becoming part of the community to end hunger and poverty, please get in touch with our Country Director, Sophie Noonan. Sophie.noonan@thp.org




Nicola (right) at Rethinking What’s Possible leadership workshop


 Nicola (second right) at The Hunger Project UK Harambee Gala Dinner




Nicola (front right) at Unleashed Women Baking Challenge




Nicola at Unleashed Women Baking Challenge (photography Steve Ager)


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