25 October, 2012

Michael Frye CBE

Our very dear friend, colleague, mentor and partner, Michael Frye, died on Sunday 21st October.

Michael was Chief Executive of The Hunger Project for a number of years in the 1980s. His profound commitment, vision and extraordinary determination put THP UK firmly on the global map.

His accomplishments were many, chief among them were the following. He met the criteria for establishing THP as a charity in the UK; he formed a Board of Trustees; he drove the UK enrolment campaign, often out in the streets with the volunteers, from Glastonbury to The Notting Hill Carnival.

Michael gave his time voluntarily, mostly at the end of his own working day and during weekends. He managed THP UK brilliantly and was a constant inspiration to us all with his tremendous charisma and presence. He brought a lightness of touch to all our campaigns which inspired respect and love in return.

A large man in all ways, Michael was blessed with high energy, drive and ambition that empowered all of us to produce results. A man of great insight, he encouraged personal responsibility and built exceptional trust which enabled all those who worked with him to flourish.
So long as he knew you were clear about the results you wanted to achieve he pretty much left you alone saying, “great, off you go, and if you get into trouble ring me.

Rest in peace Michael. “A great soul who will be sorely missed”.