Abraham has grown his agricultural business, enabling his children to attend school

Apr 28, 2020 | Inspiring Stories - Africa

Abraham is a farmer, husband and farther living in Obenyemi, Ghana.

The agriculture industry engages just over half of the country’s labour force. The industry make up a large portion of Ghana’s economy whilst also providing 90% of the country’s food needs.

Abraham grows corn, cassava, coconut and vegetables on his agricultural plots. His participation in the The Hunger Project’s training and workshops has enabled him to increase his harvest. Abraham previously harvested three sacks of maize from one hectare of land but now receives nine sacks from the same area.

By taking loans from the epicentre’s microfinance bank, he has been able to further develop his agricultural land. Before this, only family members worked at Abraham’s farm. Now, because he his able to employees people to work on the land, his eight children are able to attend school. He is also able to rent extra land to supplement his income.

Abraham hopes that this will allow his children to decide their own future: “I want them to have power over their lives, to be able to support themselves, and be independent”.

To ensure that the yield is fully utilised, any crops that are not cooked and eaten by the family are sold at different markets. The processing and selling of crops is taken care of by Abraham’s wife.

Abraham feels that since the epicentre came to Obenyemi, peoples lives have been much better. He is proud to be a farmer who earns enough to support his wife and eight children.

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