Can you live on limited ingredients and use her adaptable recipes to create nutritious meals for a week?

Take on the challenge today! 

A Day In Her Food is an experiential food campaign from The Hunger Project UK. It raises awareness about malnutrition and hunger by celebrating women and mothers’ adaptability in ensuring their loved ones have nutritious meals despite having limited access to food supplies. By fundraising through the A Day In Her Food Challenge  you could be supporting communities in diversifying their nutritional intake.

The A Day In Her Food Challenge can last up to a week, where as an individual or team, you are challenged to create nutritious meals across a week using 3-6 ingredients per day. You can either choose your ingredients from our programme country menus or from your mamma’s kitchen. Before you start the challenge, speak to the women and mothers in your life to collect as much information as you can on their techniques and adaptable recipes. Don’t forget to record your recipes so you can share it with others around the world.

By taking on the challenge, you will be raising awareness about the impacts of malnutrition, promoting healthy eating, managing your food waste and celebrating the women in your lives who are already change makers.

1 – Choose a week

Select a week to take on the A Day in Her Food challenge. Complete the challenge individually or with your friends and family.

2 – Select your approach for the challenge

Using either our country menus or your mamma’s recipes, select 3-6 ingredients to use each day for your nutritious meals. 

Option 1: Mama’s Recipes

Using the ingredients that you would find in your mamma’s kitchen create as many dishes as you can across a week.

Option 2: Country Recipes

Pick one of our country menus and using the ingredients listed create as many dishes as you can across a week. These menus were drawn up with advice from The Hunger Project’s in-country teams. They represent an example of what a woman living in chronic hunger might eat and all contain ingredients that you should be able to find wherever you are.

3 -Set up your fundraising page

Set up your page here:

Share your fundraising page with friends, family, colleagues and your wider network to support you on your challenge. Aim to raise a minimum of £100.

4 – Get cooking and spread the word!

Document your challenge on social media. Share pictures of your ingredients and meals as well as your experience throughout the day.


You can complete the A Day In Her Food challenge as an individual or in a team. Below are some examples of how people have previously completed the challenge:

To find out more about the A Day In Her Food challenge, including FAQs and case studies, please view our Toolkit here.

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