11 March, 2011
One of the major steps forward for The Hunger Project UK (THP-UK) last year, which came about as a result of the need to get our brand presence in better shape (in preparation for the launch of World Hunger Day), was the amazing partnership between our small team here at THP-UK and the pro-bono services of Chaitanya Iyengar and his team at Cleanslate to build the first stage of a brand new website. One of our key priorities was to create a central hub for communication and an environment where people could begin to interact with us in a more instantaneous and meaningful way. We also very badly needed the flexibility to update the site moment by moment.

I’m so proud of what the team achieved and hope you will all use the site on a regular basis to keep abreast of developments as they happen. There is so much going on in the UK and around the world, that a monthly newsletter was just not allowing us to cover everything. The newletter remains, of course, but really only as a headline communication. We still welcome people to sign up to receiving an electronic version, which you can do by clicking the button on the home page. We also encourage you to join in the conversations on our blog. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see a comments box, please do tell us your thoughts and we will publish them almost immediately. We can only create a conversation if you join in!!!!

Helen GuinnessAs you will now all be aware, our long standing team member and latterly Chair of THP-UK Helen Guinness has now retired as Chair.

You can read the official statement about Helen’s departure in the news section, but please feel free to pay tribute to Helen in your own words right here on our blog.

I’ll start it off……..do please fill in the best part of 30 years with Helen that happened before my arrival…..