Here’s a message from JMJ’s (global investor in The Hunger Project) Steve Portner about his impressions of Ghana.


“This morning I took a run, well a jog, alright I was moving my body in mostly one direction while dragging my feet. That said, I had the opportunity to run through a village and see the morning activity. It was 6:30 am and the village was already fully in action. It was very cute seeing many of the children dressed in their uniforms for school and either walking to the bus stop or on the buses. It was fabulous seeing their eyes light up and smiles on their faces when you waved at them and then they would wave back. It is an incredible reminder of the joy a small act of kindness can create for both the giver and the receiver.

Ghana is mostly a Christian country, about 85% we are told, and they seem to be fairly religious with many shops having religious names and quotes from the bible on the back of taxis. It is a very poor area and most live in what we would look at as shacks. It is a very safe country and there is very little security. A few of the larger homes and businesses did have walls with barbed wire on top but not very many. I felt very safe and the hotel people say you can go anywhere at any time. The people are very friendly and open. They will return smiles and waves. I do have to say I think they thought it a bit strange an old white guy running through their village. I guess they don’t get a lot of that. Most shops are little stalls along the road where they sell everything from food to blocks to build with. ”