In Ghana, Seth is bringing positive change in his community

Apr 29, 2020 | Inspiring Stories - Africa

Seth has been engaged with The Hunger Project’s activities since they started in Obenyemi, Ghana.  

He was one of the leaders who mobilized the community to start the construction of the epicentre with a clinic and a bank. 

“Previously we were attending the clinic in the district capital. If anybody felt ill during the night, it was difficult to find transport and to get the person at the nearest clinic. Women and children had to go all the way to the district capital to access these services, and it was a major challenge for them. Now the clinic has come to our community, and the service is provided at our doorstep. It’s a big relief for us. The bank too is providing loans to community members.” 

Seth needed credit for his farming activities, and when there was no bank in his community, he needed to rely on friends and family members. For Seth this was a challenge because when he borrowed from a friend the loan would come with high interests. Thanks to the bank, the community now has access to financial services. People can take loans from the bank to get fertilizers to protect their crops. Seth has been at the forefront from the beginning, and he is a witness to the benefits of the partnership with The Hunger Project. 

“Eliminating poverty is the number one priority in our community, and much of the discussions in the community has been centered around this issue. This requires calling for meetings and taking decisions.”  The microfinance program is central to their efforts to eliminate poverty so that a lot of people who have access to these financial services will be able to improve their living conditions. The fear is that when people take loans and don’t repay, the bank will collapse. So they’ve had meetings to discuss how to ensure that people who take loans from the bank also repay.   

“In the future I want to be able to educate my children to the highest level so that when I become old and unable to do anything for myself, my children will be able to take care of me and my wife.”  The vision for the community is that the epicentre’s interventions will be sustained. That the clinic, the bank and the other services being provided will be sustained long term. This will require mobilizing the communities to ensure that everybody is involved and contributing.  

“When you come here in 20 years, you will see that the clinic and the bank are still here.” 


Words by Claire Robilliard 

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