30 April: What a day today, Tim and I (Team Hunger UK) are both really busy keeping up with you all and some of you are doing miraculous things with your cooking! #impressed. Some highlights so far from those of you living #BelowtheLine this week – Jon Butcher’s yummy Blog | Katherine Ryan’s musings (Sage Publication’s Network) | Lucy Silovsky (fundraising genius!).

Come Dine Below the Line Image for The Hunger Project

29 April: 3pm… Day 1 Lunch was rather basic today and I am definitely feeling a few hunger pangs and struggling to concentrate….


1 Baked Potato (20p)Baked Beans Baked Potatoes
1/2 tin of value baked beans (12p)
pinch of salt (no butter or cheese)
2 jaffa cakes (10p)

Mark's Breakfast, Live Below the Line - 14p Oats, Milk, Water, Chia, Berries, pinch Salt8am and we’re off #belowtheline – my breakfast has been a great success (14p) and I’ve even managed to get my trusty superfood in ‘chia seeds‘.

I couldn’t have done this without some bulk buying though and it has taken me an age to plan the elements which highlights the reality for the 1.4bn women, men and children (1 in every 8 of us).

When you Live #BelowtheLine you spend so much of your life chasing the next meal and moving to a new reality where you are envisioning a better future is really difficult.


Breakfast Live Below the Line4g (teaspoon) Chia Seeds (4p)
Water and pinch of salt
Table spoon milk 1p
Small portion of frozen value berries (25g) 6p
Value Oats (50g) 3p
Total 14p

How is everyone getting on? Send me your news to mark.speirs@thp.org

Live Below the Line runs until the end of June – it costs nothing to sign up! Read more | You can sponsor Mark #BelowtheLine

A shout out to…..

Support Emily Clarke - Live Below the Line 2013Support Ruth Hite Live Below the Line in support of thehungerproject.org.ukSupport Alex McNab Live Below the Line in aid of The Hunger Project UK

25 April

Thanks everyone for joining The Hunger Project UK’s below the line team….. (it’s absolutely not too late to join me) and with Ben Affleck joining the campaign, Hugh Jackman inviting us all to getting involved – I’m getting just a little excited about next week!

Live Below the Line for The Hunger Project so that many more get the opportunity to cross it

Why we’re doing the challenge

Below the Line Blog - The Hunger ProjectThe Hunger Project are empowering millions of women, men and kids to end their own hunger around the world and for just one week we’re all jumping into their shoes to stand in solidarity with them in their daily fight for a better future and to a get a better sense of the injustice facing one in eight of us around the world…..

Our £1 a day doesn’t even cover fuel, school fees or transport so it really is only going to be a glimpse of the incredible struggle for those living with chronic persistent hunger.

But I’m up for the challenge – are you? I’m starting to get really nervous about next week!!

Meal planning – you’ve got to plan #belowtheline

Traditional Below the Line Fry Up - just about possible #belowthelineAs yet I haven’t done any meal planning whatsoever… so it’s all going to have to happen this weekend….. if you’ve got some pictures, ideas or want to help me create the visual/written resources for our 60 plus challengers next week get in touch….. we are only a team of two staff – we need a hand!! email or post here (mark.speirs@thp.org)

  • Live Below the Line kick starts a season of campaigning for The Hunger Project in the run up to our 3rd annual World Hunger Day – why not get involved?
  • Hugh Jackman invites us to Live Below the Line – are you in?
  • We’ve launched Come Dine ‘Below the Line’ our ‘slimmed down’ version of the challenge on the 9th May, 2013 – read more about how to set up your #belowtheline dinner party.

Team Hunger – Mark


Just some of the 60 challengers taking on #BelowTheLine – help them with their fundraising!

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