Live Below The Line

5 days, £1 a day for all food and drink to support people living in hunger.

Live Below the Line is a food challenge like no other.

690 million people around the world are living below the poverty line, join the challenge to help them rise above it.

£5 for 5 days for all food and drink. Could you do it?


 💙 How to take part 💙

–  Choose any 5 consecutive days and register.

And support those living in hunger and now faced with Covid-19.

– Set up your fundraising page HERE

– Shop for your ingredients

Check out recipe ideas HERE

– Spread the word!

Document your challenge on social media, sharing pictures of your meals and experiences with the hashtag #LiveBelowtheLine

Coronavirus is spreading across our world and dramatically impacts the poorest communities of the globe: those who are living in hunger, where social distancing is a privilege, and who don’t have the same access to information, sanitation and healthcare as we do.

At The Hunger Project we believe in people, and we work to empower people at the grassroots level to lift themselves and their communities above the poverty line, for good. We created World Hunger Day to celebrate sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty.

Our sustainable approach means that in response to the pandemic, we have been able to mobilize over 500,000 local leaders who have been trained by us in 12 countries around the world to help spread correct information and support to communities at risk, to make sure no-one is left behind.

Join us for the Live Below the Line Challenge to support those living in hunger and faced with Covid-19.

Your support makes such a difference. 


Watch how we’re supporting communities living in hunger during this crisis: There is No Lockdown on Hope

Live Below the Line is a life-changing fundraising and campaigning event which challenges people to live below the poverty line so that others can begin to rise ABOVE IT. 

We can never recreate what it is truly like to live in poverty through this campaign. The Live Below the Line food challenge can be a way for us to try to understand, to a small extent, what life might be like for people for whom this is a reality, every day.

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Your Money Changes Lives



Josh took on Live Below the Line for a month(!) to support our work!



Amelie, Ellie & Miriam joined forces for Live Below the Line