In The News – June 2022

Jun 1, 2022 | Latest News

What we’re reading this month about world hunger and poverty. 

An overview of the news articles, blog posts and opinion pieces we’re reading this month.

How war in Ukraine has sparked an ‘unprecedented’ global food crisis

1st June 2022, Daniel Keane

‘We need to create a resilient global food system’. The hunger crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine has highlighted the desperate need for a multilateral approach to global food supply, said Rebecca Burgess, the Country Director of The Hunger Project UK. “Everything is incredibly connected and I think the Ukraine war is one issue that’s exacerbated the already fragile supply chain,” she said…

Putin´s war is creating food scarcity on a scale never seen before, says Rebecca Burgess

28th May 2022, Rebecca Burgess

LAST WEEK, The Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey warned of ‘apocalyptic’ food price rises and stated “It is a major worry for this country and a major worry for the developing world”.