27 May, 2013

Did you take the challenge? We love feedback, please post a comment below. It will be very useful in helping us in refining things and drumming up support for 2013. If you have specific event feedback for Action Challenge on the event can be completed via their survey coming soon. (Simon, Trisha and Helen – if you’ve got some pics email them on!).

Thanks from Tim Holder…

Thank you from thehungerproject.org Kabuki SynderFirstly, thank you so much to every single member of Team Hunger who took part in London 2 Brighton Challenge yesterday. Incredible determination, in-between all the smiles and laughter that happened along the route. Your blood, sweat and tears not only proved what strong characters you all are, but has really made a difference.

Your fundraising efforts will allow many more people, who face even tougher situations every day of their lives just to survive, the opportunity to improve their own futures and those of their children to a hunger and poverty free future.

The Hunger Project’s single aim is to banish hunger and poverty from the world…sustainably and for good. Your efforts yesterday were another positive step towards this goal.

Many more events planned, both challenges and musical, for 2013 and we’ll be at the Royal Albert Hall for a phenomenal concert on the 12th May, 2014. Thames Path Challenge 25/50/100km 14-15 September

Please stay in touch with us over the coming weeks to find out the final result of Team Hunger’s joint efforts yesterday and to hear news of a 2013 Challengers Reunion! You can sign up to our Newsletter or join us on Facebook or via Twitter @hungerprojectuk and@worldhungerday.

What a day….£9,500 raised so far #awesome – don’t stop!

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Kabuki Synder, Grace Magani - London 2 Brighton Challenge 2013

Mark + Yollande L2BChallenge 2013

Pat, Denise, Mark, Geoff, Elsie, Rachel London 2 Brighton Challenge 2013 smJagdeep London 2 Brighton Challenge

Jagdeep and Dad, London 2 Brighton ChallengeFlags London 2 Brighton Challenge in support of The Hunger Project UKTeam Khatri London 2 Brighton Challenge - 2013Jagdeep, Hana, Mark London 2 Brighton Challenge