One World One Song - single of the week - fairsharemusic.comWe’ve teamed up with ethical music download website fairsharemusic to get ‘One World One Song’ into the charts and send a message about the scandal of world hunger to G8 leaders coming to the UK (17th June).

One World One Song is the new ‘ending hunger anthem’ from legendary singer and UN FAO Goodwill Ambassador, Dionne Warwick and the incredible voice of X Factor winner, Joe McElderry.

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Do something great to end hunger and get the single for £0.99 or the ‘make your own version’ bundle with backing track and sheet music for £1.99.

Let’s Make ‘One World One Song’ No.1 In Time for the G8 Summit!

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About FairShareMusic

fairsharemusic is the music download site that lets you get all your music whilst helping charities like The Hunger Project. For every track that you buy, fairshare will donates half the profits. It’s the ethical way to get the music you want.

IF song G8 - fairsharemusic - ethical music downloads - if song - if campaign song_2fairsharemusic has over 13.5 million tracks including the latest releases starting from only 79p; it’s really easy to get set up, start downloading and begin helping us in empowering millions more women, men and children to end their own hunger and poverty.

About One World One Song

Music Royalty doesn’t get much greater than the legend that is Dionne Warwick, the third most charted female artist of all time (equal with Madonna). Dionne, together with the stunningly successful young artist, Joe McElderry, is stepping up for the sustainable end of hunger with the launch of a new first-of-a-kind duet, entitled ‘One World One Song’. Visit Song Website

Make you own version

In addition to the Single itself, an instrumental/karaoke ‘You Sing’ version is being launched in tandem (with sheet music) – for aspirational singers, bands, choirs, youth and faith groups as well as arts’ societies to perform and share the world over.

Enough Food for Everyone IF

The world produces enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food. We can change this in 2013. IF we act together, we can make this year the beginning of the end for global hunger.

Enough Food for Everyone IF

The Hunger Project UK has joined forces with the ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ Campaign and its 180+ organisations to unite as one voice.

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Let’s get  ‘One World One Song’ into the charts and send a message about the scandal of hunger to G8 leaders.