Paul Lindsay - Climb Kilimanjaro - Hunger Project UK - 2014After ten months of training and fundraising Paul Lindsay reaches the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at 07.54 Thursday 20 February in blizzards and minus 16 temperatures.

Congratulations to Paul from everyone at The Hunger Project. We’ll post up more details once we get communications back up and running!

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Paul’s Itinerary >> (PDF)

Paul’s challenge has been made just that little bit tougher as he’s been training in the heat whilst working in Qatar, where the highest peak for altitude training is a meagre 103 metres above sea level.

We wish you luck Paul!

With just over £3000 raised Paul’s hoping to raise in excess of £4000 for our work ending hunger and poverty sustainably across Africa. Please join us in supporting him to the summit >>

Lemosho Route - KilimanjaroFollowing in the steps of the Comic Relief trekkers, Paul’s chosen to partner with Action Challenge and will take on the Lemosho route to the summit of Africa’s highest peak approaching Kilimanjaro from the western Lemosho glades.

The route starts in the pristine rainforest before crossing the vast Shira plateau, and merging into the Machame Route at Barranco Camp. Paul’s itinerary includes extra acclimatisation and a shorter day trekking prior to the summit day which will ensure he’ll get more rest, and allows for more time to acclimatise – giving him the best chance of making it to the top.

We’ll be posting trip photos and updates here throughout his journey.

Paul Lindsay is Divisional Head of Safety at Jacobs based in Qatar. Departs for Tanzania, 12 February.

Special Thanks……..

A special thanks to Paul and all his sponsors including his work colleagues at Jacobs UK and Qatar Rail plus family and friends.

Paul and the team at The Hunger Project in the UK would also like to say……… a special thanks to Paul’s wife Tracey who has gone above and beyond the call of duty not only in producing more cakes than Mr Kipling but for making sure I stayed focused on both my training and the fund raising.

Thanks to Nazia for organising a brilliant raffle in Qatar, Alec Macnab for eating his own, not unsubstantial body weight, in cake during the cake sales. A truly selfless act and Ronnie “who’s Paul Hollywood anyway”MacGhie for his chocolate brownies.

Mick Brown for running around London sorting out my visa for Tanzania and enduring long tortuous hours in the pub waiting for it to be processed.

A final word for Khalil Al Malki for and reverse psychology in motivating me. The thought of coming back and telling him I didn’t make it is a pain far worse than anything Kilimanjaro can throw at me.

Finally a really special mention of thanks goes to Mike Docherty, Mick Brown, Mick Smyth and Tony Darroch from the North Hants Celtic Supporters Club for their incredibly generous gift. Celtic Football Club was formed in the city of Glasgow in 1888, principally to utilise a football club as a means of raising money to assist those in poverty living in the East End and continues to support organisations fighting hunger and poverty around the world.

Paul is fundraising for The Hunger Project – JustGiving >>

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Paul Lindsay Summit Good Luck Message - Kilimanjaro, The Hunger ProjectPaul Lindsay Kilimanjaro Packing for The Hunger Project Trip

Kilimanjaro Airport - The Hunger Project, Paul arrives for his Climb for AfricaPaul Lindsay before the climb at Marangu Falls with Benson and Godfrey

Paul Lindsay - Kilimanjaro at the Summit - Lemosho Route_Action Challenge for The Hunger Project

Kilimanjaro Summit - Tanzania - Trek for The Hunger Project UK, End Hunger Poverty

Walkers - Lemosho Route - Kilimanjaro - Tanzania - Trek for The Hunger Project

Summit Kilimanjaro in support of The Hunger ProjectCamping above the Clouds - Kilimanjaro Climb for Africa - The Hunger Project - Lemosho Route