World Hunger Day Yellow LogoWe are now on a three month count down to the very first World Hunger Day – Empowering People. Ending Hunger on 9th January, 2011.  We’ve achieved a lot so far, with only 1.5 staff and a small group of committed volunteers but with your help we can do so much more. Get Involved
Dionne Warwick, Rod Natkiel and the ‘concert team’ are all working hard to bring the line-up up together and it’s looking really GREAT!!!
Tickets for the show are available NOW via TicketMaster.  Coming to the concert is a win win situation. You will be treated to a spectacular and inspiring night of entertainment and, when you buy a ticket, you will be making a significant contribution to The Hunger Project. Although, as you can imagine, our costs vary in each country we work in, even the lowest price ticket will generate enough income to deliver a full year’s training to a person in one of our programmes in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.  Now please do tell me where else you could find a Christmas present for someone which ticks all those boxes and helps to blow away the January blues too!!! 
Anjuna, Jenny, Helen, Supriya and Åsa are working with me to bring a really inspiring team together for the platform of The Empowering People Ending Hunger Briefing which is due to happen on the afternoon on January 9th.  Please stick with us on this one, we’ll have more news to you as soon as we can.
And finally…..I’d like to mention a few people who are already standing up to support The Hunger Project on World Hunger Day………
The Co-op Juniors, an amazing group of talented performers who give the people of East Anglia a spectacular show called The Christmas Spectacular at The Snape Maltings in the run up to Christmas. We have had a £500 donation pledged by them, more later on this, but please take a look at their website…and see all the great work they do in their local commmunity.
We have a small team taking part in Hike4Hunger for World Food Day – do support them. Also, we’d like to thank  Agata and Marcus Majzel-Bennett who are running the New York Marathon on 7th November. 

and finally….my own personal effort to support The Hunger Project on World Hunger Day….A Song For Hunger… Donations are starting to come in, please give generously. Alternatively, please let me know if you think that I should set up another page asking for your support NOT to singing a Song For Hunger. I can take it!!! 
I can’t wait to hear more news about your plans to step up and help us….keep them coming.