World Hunger Day Logo (Green)Hi All, well the launch has now happened and World Hunger Day – Empowering People. Ending Hunger. is now alive and kicking (see news coverage of the launch).

I hope you will all participate in supporting this event in the lead up to January 9th, 2011. The theme of the day itself is education and celebration. This is with regard to the amazing breakthroughs that are happening in rural communities in Africa, South Asia and Latin America, by individuals and the communities around them, to take action and bring a sustainable end to their own hunger and poverty. Take a look at where we work to find out more.

However, the day is also about celebrating the achievements of all of us in ensuring that the funding continues to be in place for existing projects to continue.  Additionally, we must recognise that it will take a considerably greater amount of money for many millions more to take the journey towards self-reliance. A sustainable joint effort is required on all sides here. Buy your T-shirt for World Hunger Day.

So I ask you now, please consider stepping up and playing your part in making this happen. Think about how you might be able to use your own talents to support the fight against hunger and poverty. Consider who you are, what you can do and how you can encourage the communities, both personal and professional, around you to get involved and raise awareness and funds for this important work.

You can already see on this website how many others have already found ways to bring their talents to the launch of World Hunger Day – Empowering People. Ending Hunger and the inspiring ways in which they are playing their part to raise funds for the work of The Hunger Project too.

We all really look forward to watching your ideas turn in to reality. Our resources and limited, but we will support you and celebrate with you in any way we are able.

Thank you.

PS I thought you might like to see a few more highlights from a day with Dionne. Enjoy!!

Watch the World Hunger Day launch video on YouTube, featuring Tim Holder, Dionne Warwick & Åsa Skogström Feldt

World Hunger Day, Press ConferenceDionne Warwick and Hunger Project Team MembersWorld Hunger Day, Press ConferenceDionne Warwick with Lee Mead at World Hunger Day Launch