Spice Kits that support The Hunger Project

Jul 9, 2020 | Latest News

🌶 Meet Kulawa Spices, created and run by a group of entrepreneurial graduates. They’ve been supporting The Hunger Project through the sale of their original, high-quality fusion spice blend gift sets. Kulawa Spices is committed to bringing awareness of world hunger and support The Hunger Project’s mission of eliminating world poverty and hunger.


100% of the proceeds raised from Kulawa Spices’ products are donated to The Hunger Project. Their spice blends are thoughtfully made to provide the perfect fusion that will add new flavours to your cooking. 



“I  am proud to be working with The Hunger Project UK because they realise the importance of working with communities to overcome wider issues relating to poverty and hunger, educating on issues that directly affect them and enable their voices to be heard.”
– Beth, Marketing Lead

🌶 Kulawa Spice sets are available  to order now

 You can read more about the company here 

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