Thanks to her business, Rebecka is able to send her children to school

Apr 28, 2020 | Inspiring Stories - Africa

Rebecka is a farmer, and she processes and sells palm oil in Boti, Ghana. She is married and has five children. 

Rebecka has participated in the microfinance programme implemented in her community by The Hunger Project. Thanks to this programme, she was able to take three loans. First, she took out a loan of 100 cedis to invest in her business with palm oil and agriculture. She made a small profit and repaid the loan. She then took two more loans, and with the last one, she was able to buy a motorcycle which she now leases. Motorcycles are useful for transport in rural communities.  

“It’s a big encouragement for me to have my own business. I feel proud to be self-employed and not work for somebody else.” 

With her business she can afford to send her children to school.

“My husband helps me with my business, but I take care of the money. My money is my money.”

 “I like to be employed by myself, I’m proud of my company.”

The epicentre has brought more customers and visitors in Rebecka’s community , Before, the area here was quiet, but since the epicentre was built, there is life and movement and a lot of people here. Many people come to the epicentre and rent the epicentre’s hall for different programs, which means that I get many new customers. The epicentre has changed the area here a lot.” 

“Before the epicentre came here, the nearest health centre was about 6 km away. Now we can go to the epicentre’s clinic. I gave birth to children there.” 

Rebecka would like to expand her business in the future: “I need to buy larger pots for the palm oil so that I can produce larger quantities. When I have paid off the latest loan, I want to take another one to buy the pots. 

“My plans now are to expand the business so that I can move from the family farm and build my own house with my husband and our children.” 

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