The Hunger Project Global Annual Report - 2013_Empowering People, Ending Hunger_THPIn 2013, our global movement to end hunger took a major leap forward. The world community worked to set a post-2015 development agenda to follow the Millennium Development Goals. We saw the emergence of bold, zero-based goals and international alignment to end hunger and poverty on our planet once and for all.

Now, more than 35 years after The Hunger Project launched with the proclamation that the end of hunger was a possibility, experts agree it is an achievable goal by the year 2030. We celebrate this exciting news. Yet, we recognise business as usual will not get us there. We still need a paradigm shift in how the world approaches development.

This report highlights our work to end hunger in 14,000 communities throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America as well as our global advocacy efforts in 22 countries. We sustained and grew our vibrant movement of people who know the end of chronic hunger and abject poverty is possible — and that each of us can do something to make it happen.

Download the report (in 2 parts) | Invest to End Hunger

Part 1 – Programmes and Advocacy (7.9MB)

Part 2 – Impact and Financials (2.4MB)