Today we traveled to two epicentres in the Eastern Region, Obenyeni and Osonson—the epicentre that JMJ is underwriting. It was a momentous day in both communities as 13th of July, 2010, was the day that both of the epicentre buildings were inaugurated. It was thrilling and an honour to be present at both ceremonies. The ceremonies and speeches lasted about three hours at each epicentre and were similar.

We spent the morning through to lunchtime at the Obenyemi Epicentre. The first slide here is taken from inside our bus and shows the welcoming committee who was in the road dancing, singing along with a brass band to greet us. It was our first glimpse of epicentre partners and the lengths they had gone to for our visit.


Continuing on with Osonson, here’s our welcoming committee from 15 villages with the completed epicentre in the background. We danced Ghanaian style to our seats for the inauguration ceremony. More to follow…