World Hunger Day 2020

May 27, 2020 | Latest News

🌿May 28th 2020 is the 10th Annual World Hunger Day🌿

World Hunger Day was created by The Hunger Project to bring awareness to the more than 820 million people living in chronic hunger during an unprecedented global crisis.

💡The facts 💡
820 million people, 1 in 9 of our global family do not have enough to eat 
60% of the world’s hungry are women 
The spread of Covid-19 means that 265 million people could face severe food insecurity or famine 
On World Hunger Day – and every day – we ask the world to come together with a shared goal of realizing healthy, fulfilling lives of self-reliance and dignity for all people.  

We invite you to and take action and join our grassroots campaign.
Your support helps empower people to end hunger in their communities once and for all. 

Thank you for your partnership in the end of hunger this
World Hunger Day

Invest now in the end of hunger