World Hunger Day

May 4, 2019 | Latest News


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On May 28, join The Hunger Project in celebrating the tenth Annual World Hunger Day!


Started in 2011 by The Hunger Project UK, World Hunger Day is an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the 821 million people living in chronic hunger worldwide. The day seeks to celebrate sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty and to inspire everyone to be a part of the solution!

Hunger is not just about food. Hunger and poverty are inextricably linked to a nexus of issues including: decent work opportunities, health, education, social justice, the rights of women and girls, the environment and climate change.

The Hunger Project uses an innovative, holistic approach that tackles all these issues, and empowers people living in hunger to become the agents of their own development and lift their communities above the poverty line for good – this is the sustainable end of poverty.

That’s why this year’s theme for World Hunger Day is Sustainability.

Sustainability means different things to different communities. What does it mean to you?

During the month of May, and on World Hunger Day itself, we encourage communities, individuals, organisations and businesses to use the hashtag #SustainabilityIs and tell the world what sustainability means to you. Write a post, share a photo, or a video!


#SustainabilityIs vital. I am conscious of my actions and my impact on the world and stand in solidarity with the end of hunger this #WorldHungerDay

#SustainabilityIs my commitment to recycling in my community. On #WorldHungerDay I support the sustainable end of world poverty

#SustainabilityIs NOW. Together we can be the generation to end hunger by 2030. This #WorldHungerDay I stand for the sustainable end of hunger.


Ending hunger is not about handouts. For 40 years, The Hunger Project has demonstrated success with sustainable, gender-focused strategies that are led by communities. We prioritize three critical elements that, when combined, empower people to make significant progress in overcoming hunger:

  • Mobilizing people at the grassroots level to build self-reliance,
  • Empowering women as key change agents, and
  • Forging effective partnership with local governments.

By sharing and investing on World Hunger Day, you join Hunger Project partners and millions of people in rural communities who have reached across political and cultural boundaries in meaningful ways to act as agents of their own development and sustainably end hunger.

Join us this World Hunger Day and take action to end hunger. Learn more at:


What you can do:

Invest now in the end of hunger

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