Ban ki-Moon quote 'In 2015 we have the opportunity to move humankind towards the future we want'

Many sustainability issues were addressed fifteen years ago when world leaders adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – global targets to address extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child and maternal mortality, prevent disease and promote education. The lives of millions of people have been improved by taking action on the MDGs.

We have made huge progress, yet much more is needed, especially to reach the most marginalised and vulnerable – the women, men and children living on a knife-edge of poverty, injustice and insecurity.

2015 is a pivotal year to change the future of people and our planet and important international decisions will be made that will shape the roadmap to end hunger and poverty as the MDGs end.

The UN has set a vision for the world from next year to 2030 so that we all work collectively and collaboratively towards the end of hunger. This vision will be launched in New-York at the UN Summit in mid September. The vision  is broken down into 17 Sustainable Development Goals that will guide the future plans of governments, civil society and NGOs, including The Hunger Project.

The Hunger Project has talked about how ending hunger is possible, and now there’s growing consensus globally that it is possible to end hunger by 2030.

Out of Business - The Hunger Project UK in 2030?We always knew that it would take much more than ‘business as usual’ to end hunger, so this alignment of governments and international organisations to this deadline is a crucial tipping point for the end of hunger. This is a really exciting time for us and our village partners. And we’re thrilled you’re part of it too.

At the Hunger Project,  globally and UK level we have lots of positive and energising discussions around what it’s going to take to reach the end of hunger in the next 16 years.

The big question is how can The Hunger ProjSophie Noonan - Country Director, The Hunger Project UKect bring our unique perspective on transformative leadership to the global efforts to make the end of hunger possible in 16 years’ time. We are discussing the challenges and opportunities this deadline presents for us.

It is something we’ll keep working on, and I’ll share more news with you on that topic in the future.

Sophie Noonan
Country Director, THP-UK