What would it be like if women ran the world?

India? Revolutions begin in unlikely locations.

Karen Bartlett from The Times went to The Hunger Project, India to meet Sangita Naika, Leader of her village council (Panchayat) in Borda, one of the million India Women Campaigning for Changewomen across India at the forefront of a ”barefoot revolution”.

The Times article also features an interview with Rita Sarin described by Karen as ‘an architect of the barefoot revolution and perhaps the person most responsible for its success’ . Of course, for us at The Hunger Project, Rita Sarin is our incredible Vice President and Country Director of The Hunger Project – India.

Rita Sarin will be speaking at the World Hunger Day Briefing in London on Sunday 9 January 2010. Some Tickets are still available for this event and also the World Hunger Day Gala Concert featuring Dionne Warwick & Friends.

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