I  have been (and indeed still am) in New York, attending my second Hunger Project Global Conference, my first as Country Director UK.  This year, the focus has been on the major breakthroughs we are seeing in our work to empower Women Leaders in South Asia.

In addition to having the opportunity to hear directly for the first time from our new President and CEO, Mary Ellen McNish (a major new asset for The Hunger Project going forward I have no doubt), we have all been so fortunate to hear the really inspiring personal accounts of both Amita Devi, President of the Dadar Kolhua Panchayat, Mazzaffarpur District, India and Gita Rani Bormon, an Animator from our volunteer team in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh_JesmeenOur work in both countries is growing at such a rapid pace and having a major impact on the lives of many millions of people. The word ‘inspirational’ just does not cover it. I will give you all more detail when I get home. You could not possibly fail to respect the immense passion, efforts and achievements of our family in South Asia. Incredible. More to come.

On the World Hunger Day. Empowering People. Ending Hunger front, I have also been very fortunate to have been given the platform to speak twice about our work to launch this event, the conference briefing and, of course our World Hunger Day Gala with Dionne Warwick and Friends.

To say the reception for this idea was warm, would again be a massive understatement and I thank everyone from places as far and wide as Australia, Senegal, Peru, Canada, Benin, US, India, Bangladesh, The Netherlands, Ghana, Mozambique, Germany, Sweden, Bolivia, Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia etc for the wonderful support, excitement and the love they have shown for this project.

I am now delighted to be able to say with total confidence that we have a GLOBAL celebration on our hands. For all of us in the UK, Hunger Project family old and new, this will be THE opportunity to spend time with representatives from pretty much every corner of the planet as they join us in London to celebrate the very first World Hunger Day Empowering People. Ending Hunger.

Please make sure you are there on the day to give them a warm a warm welcome. There has certainly never been a greater opportunity for you to meet key people, discuss and debate the issues, ask questions and simply be as incredibly inspired as I have been over the past few days in The Big Apple. Bring on January 9th, 2011!!!”