10 April, 2012

International Women's Day Logo 2012International Women’s Day celebrates the progress women have made in their struggles for equality and development and also focuses on what remains to be done to ensure there is equality for all. Read More

This year, the theme is especially close to our heart: Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty. As one of its fundamental principles,The Hunger Project firmly believes that hunger and poverty will end when women have the opportunity to unleash their potential.

How we celebrated

  • THP-Ghana celebrated International Women’s Day with an inspirational forum for selected rural Junior High school girls. Girls attended from 22 schools in the three epicentres in Kwahu West Municipality and women leaders holding various key positions shared various challenges they had to go through as women to reach the positions they occupy. They also discussed opportunities available to these girls as well as the task ahead: to grow into the women leaders of the future who help develop their families, communities, the country and the world as a whole. A total of 327 people made up of 269 Junior High School girls, 41 women and 17 men participated in the forum. Read more about THP-Ghana’s celebration, including highlights of the girls’ discussion of the challenges and solutions they see for their future role as women leaders.
  • International Womens Day 2012 Celebrations The Hunger Project, Burkina FasoTHP-Ethiopia celebrated International Women’s Day at Machakel Epicentre, where 150 women, men and children participated in a day of activities. One activity was an experience-sharing visit, where participants visited a model community where gender equality is practiced and where hard work, peace and love are considered the centre of their philosophy of life. The visitors witnessed that the lifestyle of the community as a whole specially focused on equality among women and men members in work division and rights. One of the slogans the community displayed on the wall of their meeting hall reads as follows: “Doing a women’s job does not change my sex; it changes my ignorance.” Read more about THP-Ethiopia’s 2012 International Women’s Day celebrations.
  • Check out photos of THP-Burkina Faso’s celebration of International Women’s Day with two conferences, one on March 6 at Sapouy Epicentre and one on March 7 at Bissiga Epicentre.