V-Day Reflections from India. We need you to continue to #Rise4Justice

Cathy Burke - in Delhi - One Billion Rising - The Hunger Project, AustraliaCathy Burke (CEO, The Hunger Project, Australia)

Learning from their Leadership, Panchayat Women and Satna – The Hunger Project in Madhya Pradesh. Read Full Article >>

‘Violence in the domestic sphere was so ubiquitous, that when I asked women about it they laughed. They are subject to violence if their husband’s dinner is not ready, or not hot, or if some other person in the village made a negative comment about her to the husband. Sexual assaults by others were a fact of life to be borne.

This includes girls walking to school.  One comment to me was the girls that do go to school try to walk in groups, because if one dawdles, they can “be picked off, like a lion picking off its prey”.’ Cathy Burke, The Hunger Project Australia

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On V-Day 14.02.14 One Billion Rising activists around the world rose up for justice – to put an end to gender based violence. The Hunger Project’s UK team met in torrential rain – Trafalgar Square for a lunchtime RISE. RELEASE. DANCE.

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Valentines Day V-Day Rally, The Hunger Project Team for One Billion Rising - London - Mark Speirs, Nita Khatri smValentines Day V-Day Rally, The Hunger Project Team for One Billion Rising_smValentines Day V-Day Rally, The Hunger Project Team for One Billion Rising_smRise 4 Justice Photocall London_One Billion Rising_The Hunger Project_14.02.14sm