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The first World Aids Day happened in 1998 and 12 years later, whilst we sit in the Northern Hemisphere wrapped up warmly surrounded by fantastic medical and social care networks, it might be possible to start believing that the epidemic is over. Sorted.

World Aids Day, Mozambique

World Aids Day, Mozambique

Ok, so HIV infections have stabilised or been reversed in at least 56 countries but universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support remains a massive problem for those living in Africa, South Asia and Latin America and, considering we are now in 2010, makes me just a little angry.

All people, regardless of HIV/AIDS status, have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. They must have the right to protect themselves from the virus and have access to treatment if infected.

Gender issues around equality continue to put women, in particular, at risk and prevents them from accessing medical care. We really need to shine a bright light on this as we approach World Aids Day 2010.

The problems are complex and they aren’t yet fixed, but for our friends and supporters at The Hunger Project we all passionately believe in our integrated development approach, based on a fundamental regard for human rights.

We are making a real difference in halting the virus and empowering those at risk with the education and support they desperately need to make steps to protect themselves.

World Aids Day, 2010Close to one million grassroots people have taken our HIV/AIDS and Gender Inequality Workshop in eight African countries. Our approach continues to yield results… Meliya is a great example. Whilst many NGO’s (amazingly) DON’T provide access to Microfinance loans to those living with HIV out of fear that the loans won’t be repaid should they die, we absolutely believe that all people have the right to access resources that can help them live better and more independent lives.

Meliya comments “It’s like The Hunger Project has resurrected me from the grave. I was dying and I am now revived.”

World Aids Day 2010 Lights for RightsOn World AIDS Day 2010, the campaign theme is Lights for Rights… this isn’t the time for a low energy approach!

Grab a big torch and shine it brightly for all the staff, volunteers and partners of The Hunger Project around the world working to halt the virus and ensure that everyone, no matter their status, lives a better life in 2011.

Give Now. We could do so much more with your help!

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