“When women are empowered and supported, everyone rises”

The empowerment of women and girls as agents of change is pivotal to the sustainable end of world hunger

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On World Hunger Day, 28th May, The Hunger Project UK invites you to celebrate the millions of families that are lifting themselves out of extreme hunger and poverty.

As we move towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and their aims to transform the world by 2030, The Hunger Project highlights a holistic, integrated and gender-focussed approach as the sustainable solution to ending hunger and poverty.

“Empowering women and girls is key to our global efforts to end hunger” says Sophie Noonan, Country Director of The Hunger Project UK. “All our programmes start with women. In over 24,000 villages and communities where we are work, we’re witnessing the fantastic accomplishments and transformations that women are initiating. When women are empowered and supported, everyone rises: Communities become more resilient, families are healthier, more children go to school, incomes increase, and agricultural productivity improves.”

The Hunger Project is one of the world’s foremost agencies in developing women’s leadership to end hunger and poverty, with strategies including empowering women in local democracy in India, building a movement of women leaders in Bangladesh, strengthening the capacity of indigenous leaders in Latin America, and creating and establishing women-owned and women-run rural banks in Africa.

This World Hunger Day, The Hunger Project UK invites you to join them in celebrating the achievements of these women taking the steps to lift themselves, their families, and their entire communities out of hunger and poverty for the long term.

How can you celebrate World Hunger Day 2015?
•  Help spread the word on social media. Twitter: @WorldHungerDay Instagram: @TheHungerProjectUK Hashtag #WorldHungerDay
•  Text your lunch money to the campaign: Text LOVE28 £5 to 70070
•  Take the one day Live Below the Line challenge. £1 for all food on drink on the day itself, in solidarity with those living below the poverty line, and consider donating what you would have spent. Or take on the full 5 day challenge any time until end June.
•  Organise a Come Dine Below the Line dinner party. One dinner. 33p per guest, and raise vital funds to continue the progress to end hunger and poverty.

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The Hunger Project UK - World Hunger Day 2015 press release #WorldHungerDay