28 May, 2012

The figures are stark. 925 million people are living in conditions of extreme hunger and poverty. 15 times the population of the United Kingdom. One in every seven of us on the planet now exists on less than 80 pence a day.

Senegal Kids World Hunger DayOf the 25,000 people who die every day in hunger and poverty, less than 10% die as a result of famine. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the majority of these deaths each day are caused by a silent, pervasive, invisible killer – Chronic Persistent Hunger. Not enough food to sustain yourself, your family or your unborn child, every single day.

It isn’t acceptable. It isn’t inevitable.

The Hunger Project empowers many millions of people in Africa, Latin America and South Asia to end their own hunger and poverty for good. With your continued and renewed support we can change lives for many more.

For more than three decades, The Hunger Project has been a leading and strong voice for the sustainable end of hunger … and our voice has been heard. The United Nations’ Hunger Task Force has showcased our strategy as an effective approach to addressing hunger in Africa. And there is now a global consensus that hunger and poverty will never Women at The Hunger Project in Ghana Unite for World Hunger Daybe successfully addressed by merely increasing foreign aid; any sustainable solution will require equal attention to empowering people experiencing extreme hunger and poverty to be their own solution.

  • Newly trained and motivated communities are joining together to farming larger areas, grow a wider range of crops and trade together – giving them new sources of income.
  • For the first time women and men, including those who are HIV+, are accessing credit, enabling them to start thriving business and to save.
  • Girls are no longer working in the fields with their mothers; they are at school with their brothers.
  • Locally trained volunteer leaders are themselves training millions of others, and villages are joining forces to build their own schools, health centres and community buildings.
  • Newly confident communities are now partnering with local government and other non-governmental organisations to bring more teachers, nurses, doctors, safe water and pharmacies to their community.

The Hunger Project is delivering ground breaking results, but there is still SO much to do. The Hunger Project is not about stepping in at times of crisis; it is about achieving wide-ranging, long-lasting and sustainable change. It’s about unleashing in people who are finding life especially tough, the power to take charge of their own future – and to improve it dramatically, themselves.

Today is World Hunger Day, please join us in celebrating with the millions of people already taking steps to end their own hunger..here are just some of the pictures of celebration just arrived from Hunger Project programme and partner countries around the worldFlickr

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